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e-PROCUREMENT Marketplace

e-Procurement is an innovative program designed to provide a streamlined electronic tool for use by University of San Francisco employees to create requests for purchases. USF Purchasing & Ancillary Services has partnered with suppliers, group purchasing entities, and campus departments to provide you a one-stop site as a "virtual mall" for a wide range of products at discounted prices.   The Store Directory below is a catalog of preferred suppliers which the University does business with on a consistent basis and negotiated or in many cases re-negotiated contracts.   Items include, but are not limited to, office supplies, scientific supplies, and computer equipment/software. 

  e-Procurement Store Directory

CELL PHONE:  Sign up & receive 10% discount on your AT&T cell phone plan, including family plan.

CELL PHONE REFERRAL:  Earn $ for referring new customers to AT&T.

COMPUTER/COMPUTING NEEDS:  ITS presents eStore for your computing/software needs.

COPY CARD:  Purchasing & One Card collaborate to bring you a Copy Card for use at all MFD/Copier machines.

MULTIPLE COMMODITIES:  Educational & Institutional Cooperative (E&I)

MULTIPLE COMMODITIES:  US Communities is a government purchasing alliance offering one-cart shopping.

OFFICE SUPPLIES: Take advantage of Purchasing's partnerships with Office Depot & AAA Supplies.
Next day* and desktop delivery.