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FY13 Close

With every fiscal year close, we are learning better ways to streamline processes in order to provide you with the information you need to effectively monitor your budgets and open commitments. Below, you will find a summary of Purchasing & Ancillary Services (PAAS) noteworthy procedures and dates to remember.



As a general rule, the date goods/services are received/rendered determines the FY the expense is associated with. PAAS cannot guarantee any order will arrive before June 1, 2013, however, submitting a Requisition or e-REQ as soon as possible will help increase the chances of an order arriving on or before the FY13 deadline of May 31, 2013.  We strongly suggest that any furniture order, specialized equipment order or items that have typically long lead times be forwarded to PAAS immediately.

Beginning April 1, 2013, please indicate on all submitted requisitions the fiscal year towards which expenses should be allocated.  In addition, please indicate the date goods are needed as well as the required lead time.  For all services, please indicate the date or date range in which the service will be rendered.

Friday, 5/24/13:  Last day to indicate final approval of proof(s) to the vendor for Business Card and Stationery orders. 

Tuesday, 5/28/13:    Last day to submit on-line Central Stores orders (office supplies- Office Depot/AAA Business Supplies) on FY13 funds.

Wednesday, 5/29/13: 
 Last day to submit Copy Mill FY13 orders (print) in campus drop boxes.  Please contact Copy Mill Printing and Graphics at or (415) 929-7188 for special requests.

Thursday, 5/31/13: 
 All Copy Cards running through One Card (declining balance) will be reduced to zero.  Please utilize your remaining balances before this date.  This does not apply to Copy/Print privileges attached to your USF ID, which are processed through Pharos.

Thursday, 5/31/13: 
 Last day for Central Receiving to post FY13 receiving records to Banner. Please provide notification of outstanding direct ship and will call receipts prior to this date.


Each fiscal year close presents a challenge to PAAS, as we must manually roll PO's and open commitments into the new fiscal year. Over the coming days, you will be receiving reports, which illustrates the PO's and open commitments associated with your business unit. We ask that you please take the time to review these reports so that we may assist you in closing out any PO/open commitment that does not need to be rolled into the new fiscal year. In order to make the review more manageable, we will be splitting the reports into two phases with two corresponding response dates.  The first phase will focus on PO's created prior to 12/31/12 while the second will focus on PO's created after that date. Please see below for the corresponding response dates.  

Friday, 4/19/13:        Please review all PO's and open commitments issued prior to 12/31/12 and provide a summary to PAAS indicating which should remain open and which may be closed.

Friday, 5/10/13: Please review all PO's and open commitments issued after12/31/12 and provide a summary to PAAS indicating which should remain open and which may be closed.

5/10/13-5/31/13: PAAS will work individually with the Business Managers as needed to help determine the status of any remaining PO's and open commitments.