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The University's campus wide copy/print program provides high quality equipment, substantial cost savings, increased data/network security, and improved administrative and support services. Enhancements are due to a collaborative effort from PAAS, One Card, and Information Technology Services. The scope of service was competitively bid and was awarded to Ricoh Professional Services through June 2016.

Through a long term partnership with one dedicated vendor, PAAS is able to take advantage of the combined purchasing power for a maximum level of services at lower costs. As a result, the cost per copy charge is a competitive rate that is extended to the USF community.

Public Use Multi-functional Printer/Copiers (MFP's)
Multi-functional Printer/Copier (MFP) devices are strategically placed throughout campus, including most Distributed Campuses and Residence Halls.  As of August 2013, there are 50 Public Use MFP's that have been upgraded with the Pharos Uniprint software to service students, faculty, staff, and guests.   This opens up additional features for the USF campus such as secure wireless printing from your laptop (monochrome and color) with a 2-hour retrieval time at any Pharos Public Use device location on campus.

Department Supported (DS) Multi-functional Printer/Copiers (MFP's)
Departments may participate in the program as an effective and economical alternative to procuring and managing their own copier/printer equipment, supplies, maintenance, billing services, training, and related administrative management. By participating in the USF Copy/Print Program, you are supporting the mission of the University to work collaboratively, reduce spend, and eliminate paper waste. Multi-functional printers are capable of copy, print, scan, and fax based on the initial set up. Please note: DS devices are to be used for University business only. Personal copies should be made on Public Use Devices.

DS-MFP/Copier Program Details
DS-MFP Access Code Request Form, Single User
DS-MFP Access Code Request Worksheet, Multiple Users
DS-MFP Student Use Request Form