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University of San Francisco

Furniture & Equipment Purchases

USF is committed to providing service excellence and environmental stewardship to the university’s growing furniture needs. In line with this objective, Purchasing Services has maintained a diverse portfolio of furniture manufacturers that are in compliance with the University Furniture Standards

USF Purchasing Services works directly with three entities, namely Office Depot Business Services Division, AAA Business Interiors, and E&I Cooperative.  Office Depot BSD and AAA Business Interiors have worked with USF to provide furniture for major campus renovation projects such as University Center, Kalmanovitz Hall, Lone Mountain North, Lone Mountain Central, and Law School.

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In line with the University’s green initiatives, it is important to look at the environmental and sustainability factors with each and every purchase.  Additionally, LEED is an international green certification USF is working towards to in order to promote a sustainable commercial environment. Specific manufacturers contribute to the point system of the LEED program, thus, it is important to support furniture companies that are committed to this purpose. 

USF Green Report Card 2011