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Furniture Measuring Tips

What you will need:


  • Tape Measure
  • Paper
  • Pen/Pencil

How to measure a room:

  • First measure the door that will be used to bring the furniture in the room. 
  • Measure the height and width of each wall in the room/space.
  • Measure from one corner to the opposite corner to confirm the room is square or has crooked angles.
  • Measure and make notes on all windows and doors. Be sure to measure how high the windows are from the floor.
  • Measure and make notes for all doorways, windows, radiators, heating vents and electrical outlets
  • For new furniture purchases,

For additional measuring tips, click here.

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Measure entryways and passages for delivery:

  • Go over and measure all entries, passages, elevators, stairways and doorways the furniture will travel through to its end campus location.
  • Make note of any hallway corners, staircases, railings, light fixtures or any architectural impediments that must be cleared.
  • Any furniture purchased should be at least 4 inches less than the passage measurements for easy maneuvering.

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How to measure a furniture piece:

  • Width:  Measure the item width at the widest point from left to right.
  • Depth:  Push item against the wall,, measure distance from the wall to the front of the item.
  • Height:  Measure item height to the highest point from bottom to top.

For a snapshot of furniture measurements, click here.

If you need any assistance with measuring your space to determine furniture sizes, please contact Purchasing Services at or 415-422-5898.

If you are ready & are interested in pricing or ordering, please refer to Purchasing Services' Furniture homepage.

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