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Center for Institutional Planning and Effectiveness

Under the leadership of the Vice Provost, the Center for Institutional Planning and Effectiveness (CIPE) comprises of three offices that collaborate to provide data resources and services institutionally and externally to enhance the decision-making process as well as add to the fund of knowledge on USF. All offices contribute in the collecting and analyzing of both internal and external data to serve as the cornerstone for data warehousing and development, and plays a large supporting role in the University's policy formation, planning and decision-making. 

Jeff Hamrick, Ph.D.,Vice Provost, Institutional Budget, Planning and Effectiveness
Leads the forecasting and modeling of the budget process, coordinate the planning process, monitor the financial performance of the University's various offices and programs, and leverage the power of analytics to support informed decisions on the part of the University administration.

Linda Wong Lee, Assistant Director,, ext.6919
Assistant to the Vice Provost, manages the day-to-day operations of the center, coordinate facilities needs, computer requests/inventory and maintains website. Handles personnel related assignments at the provost level. Responsible for special projects involving consultants as well as supporting assessment needs. Sets agendas for CIPE meetings/retreats; event planning. Serves as the bridge between the academic business managers and the provost office. Supports the Jesuit Foundation Advisory Board. Mentor and support OPE staff under the Provost Office (Center for Teaching Excellence, Diversity and Community Engagement, Branch Campuses & Online Education.)

Planning and Budget

The Office of Planning and Budget serves the institution's Strategic Priorities through budget development, financial analysis, and report dissemination, ensuring future plans support the Vision, Mission, and Values of the University of San Francisco.

Michael Harrington, Associate Vice Provost,, ext.2790
Provides inputs to and ensures the alignment of the university's strategic planning, forecasting, and budget development processes. As a member of the Provost Council, works closely with the university's senior management and oversees the Office of Planning and Budget. Identifies, reviews and approves budget reallocations; provides revenue and expenses category forecasts; monitors the financial performance of schools, colleges and university divisions; and, reviews the budgetary implications of all new initiatives. An internal resource to the Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees; prepares and presents quarterly operating forecasts, the university's tuition and fee recommendation, as well as its operating budget.

Jimmy Lau, Hyperion Administrator,, ext.2728
Responsibilities include maintenance of the Hyperion Planning and Essbase applications; develop financial reporting, financial projection models, and calculations scripts. Ensures data and system security.

Sharon Li, Senior Budget Analyst,, ext.5175
Maintains the University's current year budgets. Processes and approves budget transfers, and practices quality control measures. Determines budget requirments and works with business managers to secure sufficient funding. Manages staff and faculty position budgets. Reviews and approves PeopleAdmin postings and faculty hiring forms. Assists in budget creation process. Maintains various systems and databases; i.e., Budget Assist, New Academic Program Database. Provides budget and finance system training.

Sean Matthews, Financial Analyst,, ext.6145
Prepares financial information relating to operating activities to facilitate university, college and program level decision making. Maintains the Office of Planning and Budget reports on the Business Intelligence Portal. Supports the development of the university's operating budget. Performs the financial review of the colleges as well as new and existing academic programs.

Institutional Research and Analytics

The Office of Institutional Research and Analytics develops, organizes, maintains, analyzes and reports institutional longitudinal data within CIPE with close support of the division of Information Technology Services (ITS).  The office is also charged with creating clear and actionable information through the use of innovative and dynamic reporting tools.

Joe Henson, Director for Analytics,, ext.6003
Responsible for admissions, enrollment, and net tuition reporting. Manages the university's enrollment projection and net tuition models. Prepares high-level reports for the Board of Trustees and Leadership team; Assists the Planning and Budget office in preparing the University's Tuition & Fee Recommendation and annual Operating Budget. Creates business intelligence reports for Undergraduate Admissions, Graduate Admissions, CASA, Retention Committee and other business areas. Manages the offices' Data Assist request tracking system.  Provides support for the Banner Finance Summary tool for Business Managers.

Fred Baldwin, Assistant Director for Analytics,, ext.2451
Generates student enrollment reports (statistical as well as operational, ad hoc as well as scheduled) for internal and external customers, including data checking reports for Enrollment Management and various other departments across the university. Develops and schedules automated Report Caster reports for the delivery of data files. Develops background scripts for Web Focus (BI) DIY reporting. Completes selected external surveys. Maintains, in collaboration with the director, the Enrollment Projections model.

Calypso Fugit, Business Intelligence Analyst,, ext.4127
Assists individuals in making informed business decisions in order to sustain or improve the individual's department, and thus, USF's competitive position. Tasked with data mining for important facts and statistics that can help render a more accurate visualization of department, or overall university, performance. Develops processes and design reports/dashboards to boost the business intelligence of the university; querying past and present data to analyze and develop a projection on the outcome of implementing certain business strategies utilizing statistical tools. 

Theodore Lydon, Jr., Director for Research,, ext.6396
University keyholder for IPEDS reporting, manages external survey reporting and USF data submission for external research participation, and represents the provost office and CIPE in data governance and other university committees on campus. Supports the accreditation and ad hoc internal reporting and analysis of institutional data as requested.

Kristen Lee, Research Analyst,, ext.4945
Extracts, analyzes, and summarizes all institutional related data for internal and external reporting to inform and support the university on interpreting data. Collects external data from sources such as the National Clearing House for internal reporting and analysis. Works with CIPE colleagues and the IT department in the development of Business Intelligence tools on student data, and maintains the CIPE file server and website.

Assessment and Accreditation Support

The Office of Assessment and Accreditation Support in collaboration with other CIPE units, provides institutional and program information that promotes and enhances the development of the total student experience.

The Office of Assessment and Accreditation Support ill be an information resource bridging quality, accountability, and USF academic and nonacademic program decisions.

William Murry, Director,, ext. 5486
Primary responsibility is to coordinate design, scheduling and administration of all institutional and large-scale surveys, both in-house and third-party; maintains archive of raw data, reviews and/or produces in-house and third-party results, and provides reporting as needed on such surveys. Supports the preparation of accreditation documentation that includes data from institutional surveys.

Renate Otterbach, Research Analysts,, ext. 2999
Supports the analysis of Map-Works working with CASA and contributes tot he understanding of how the data can be used to increase student retention. In addition, she will work directly with students who are at risk of leaving. Responsibilities also include developing of models to predict retention and support CIPE through the analysis and integration of both qualitative and quantitative data.

Claribel Torres-Lugo, Assessment Director,, ext. 5538
 The Director facilitates institutional processes leading to student learning and success by supporting all academic and non-academic units in the formation, execution, and documentation of plans and evidence used to assess institutional learning outcomes. The director collaborates with colleagues in CIPE and other units to integrate direct assessment findings with national data, institutional indirect evidence, and other data needed to support faculty and administration in their efforts to sustain and advance a culture of assessment centered around continuous improvement in the curriculum and the quality of programs and services offered at institution. The director supports discipline-specific reviews and accreditation processes and coordinates faculty/staff workshops, seminars and other professional development opportunities.

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