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Frequently Asked Questions

Why has Fr. Privett announced now that he will not serve another term?
As Fr. Privett approached the end of his final five year agreement with the Board of Trustees, he wanted to give the Board early advance notice in order to facilitate a timely search. Father is already one of the longest serving presidents in USF history.

When will Fr. Privett step down as President? What will he do next?
Fr. Privett will remain fully focused on his service as USF President until a successor is named and a full transition has taken place. At an appropriate time, Father will be discussing future apostolates, (opportunities for Jesuit service), with Fr. Michael Weiler, S.J., California Provincial of the Society of Jesus.

Is the Board required to elect a Jesuit?
No. The University’s By-Laws allow for a layperson, Jesuit, or member of another religious order to be elected. As of October 1, eight of the 28 presidents of U.S. Jesuit colleges and universities are not Jesuits.

Do you expect internal candidates?
The Presidential Search Committee encourages both internal and external candidates to apply. In order to attract internal candidates as well as those in leadership positions in other institutions, the identities of all candidates, except the finalist, will be kept confidential.

When does the Board expect to name the next president?
The Board hopes to name the next president in advance of the 2014-15 academic year. The start date for the new president will depend on their circumstances, including existing commitments to their current employer.

Is an Executive Search firm helping manage the search?
Yes. After a rigorous selection process, the San Francisco office of Isaacson Miller, a highly regarded national firm, has been engaged. Isaacson Miller has broad experience in presidential searches, including at Jesuit universities. Isaacson Miller also knows USF very well having worked with us on several recent searches for deans and vice presidents.