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Message from Board of Trustees Chair, Thomas Malloy

OCTOBER 1, 2013

Tom MalloyMembers of the USF Community,

When Steve Privett, S.J., agreed to serve as president for a third and final term, the Board of Trustees was delighted, but also motivated to enlist a Succession Planning Committee to set the course for fulfilling its most important responsibility: hiring a president when Fr. Privett completed his term. The Succession Planning Committee thoroughly investigated best practices in presidential searches and recommended a comprehensive search process to the board.

Based on these recommendations and empowered with the due diligence of the Succession Planning Committee, the board has appointed the Presidential Search Committee (PSC), led by Vice Chair Chuck Smith, to conduct its search for the next president and recommend a finalist to the Board of Trustees. The executive search firm Isaacson Miller has been retained to help develop a national pool of highly qualified candidates.

Shortly, you will receive a message from Chuck Smith providing information on the search procedures, including how to nominate a candidate and offer comments and suggestions to the PSC.

We are deeply grateful to Father Privett for his fearless and inspiring leadership, most notably during the economic crisis, his passionate commitment to the Jesuit Catholic mission, his thoughtful care in balancing what he often refers to as USF’s delicate ecosystem and, of course, his humor. During his tenure, the University has seen unprecedented enrollment growth, a transformed physical campus, new and innovative interdisciplinary centers, national awards and recognition and higher visibility and engagement in the Bay Area community. We look forward to celebrating Steve’s extensive contributions in the months ahead.

As Father Privett mentioned in his communication yesterday, he will continue to lead the University during the search for his successor and he is committed to facilitating a smooth presidential transition when the time comes. Thanks to Father Privett, the University is poised for growth and distinction such that we fully expect to attract many candidates of national stature.

Thomas E. Malloy
Board of Trustees