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Update from Search Chair, Charles Smith


Charles H. SmithMembers of the USF Community,

Happy New Year!

I am happy to report that the search for the next president of the University of San Francisco is on schedule and generating many promising candidates.

During this phase of the search process, the Presidential Search Committee has dedicated its time to screening candidates. We are identifying candidates based on experience, credentials and expressions of interest consistent with the qualifications articulated in the Presidential Leadership Profile. We are keenly interested in candidates best prepared to address the university’s Key Opportunities and Challenges, as described in the profile.

We are delighted, but not surprised by the depth of the candidate pool. It is a clear reflection of the university’s stellar reputation as a premier, urban Jesuit Catholic university. For this, we are grateful to all of you. Over the next few weeks, the Presidential Search Committee will select a small number of candidates to invite for confidential, preliminary interviews.

Many candidates are currently in highly visible leadership positions. Accordingly, we must continue our commitment to confidentiality, a pledge we have made to the candidates. Any premature publicity could prove detrimental to a candidate and reflect poorly on the university’s reputation.

Thank you for your continued interest and support of the search process. Once again, I invite you to submit any comments or questions to

Charles H. Smith
Chair, Presidential Search Committee