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Commonly Asked Questions


  • When is Fall Orientation?
    Fall Orientation begins on Saturday, August 18 and ends Monday, August 20. Please note that International Students must attend both New Student Orientation and International Student Orientation. International Student Orientation begins on Thursday, August 16 and ends Friday, August 17.  For more information about the International Student Orientation, please visit the International Student Services website at: Classes begin Tuesday, August 21.
  • Who should attend?
    This program is for all undergraduate incoming students and their families (both freshman and transfer students).
  • Why Attend Orientation?
    Orientation is your introduction to the University of San Francisco. Research has proven that students who attend orientation programs are much more successful in their college endeavors than those who do not attend. So, join us, have fun, and learn about USF.
  • Is Orientation mandatory?
    Yes, Orientation is mandatory! We want you to have a memorable experience here at USF, by attending Orientation, we hope to help you navigate through your first couple weeks of school.
  • I am a Transfer Student. Do I have to go to Orientation?
    Yes, 40% of our new students are transfer students, so we have designed the program for transfers as well as freshmen. There is also a transfer student only even on Monday.
  • When do I pay tuition?
    Tuition is due after you register for classes through Webtrack. Payments can be made online through the One Stop office. For more information, go to the One Stop website at
  • Are Families Invited?
    Yes, there will be events and programs geared toward orienting new families to USF on Saturday, August 18th and Sunday, August 19th.
  • Where should my family stay during Orientation?
    Hotel information is provided by San Francisco Reservations. Please call the USF Hotel Hotline at San Francisco Reservations (toll-free) at 1-877-243-8075 for availability and special rates.
  • Where can I find the dashboard pass (parking permit)?
     There will be NO parking permits this year.

    More Q's about Orientation? email or call Academic Support Services at 415 422-6876 


  • What should I bring when I move into the residence hall?
    Check out our page for Residential Students for information on what to bring (and those things you DON'T need to bring) as well as information about living with a roommate. For more information about each Residence Hall, check out the Office of Residence Life on the web at


  • What do you do at night or on the weekends?
    If you feel like staying on campus, there is almost always something to do. Check USFconnect's Activities Calendar to see what is going on right here at USF. A popular option is to go to athletic home games. If you feel an itch to get off-campus, there is almost always something to do in San Francisco. Catch a movie at one of the area's several theaters, or keep your eyes peeled for concerts, festivals, and other events that are unique to San Francisco.
  • Will I be able to go to cultural events in the city?
    Absolutely! However, because our campus is so diverse, we are able to enjoy a wide variety of cultural events. Some of the most popular are the Luau put on by the Hui O'Hawaii Club, Barrio put on by Kasamahan Filipino-American Association, or the International Student Association's Culturescape.
  • If there was one extra-curricular activity that you would recommend to help a freshman assimilate and make friends, what would it be? Is it easy to participate in on-campus activities?
    The best thing you can do when you first arrive at USF would be to attend all the Orientation events. These are the best way to meet fellow new students, and to have tons of fun while getting to know USF and the city of San Francisco. Getting involved is easy, when you know the right places to go!
  • What is Greek life like at USF?
    The best resource to answer any questions you may have about Greek Life here at USF is the Greek Council website, which is located at
  • What are some types of jobs I can get on campus? How soon should I start looking?
    There are many different types of jobs, and the best place to find a job that is suited to your skills and interests is the Student Employment website. You can find on-campus job listings there. You should start looking as soon as possible, as this will ensure you have a greater selection of jobs to choose from.
  • How useful is a bike?
    A bike is useful for exploring the area around USF. However, San Francisco is notorious for its steep hills, which can be difficult to overcome on a bicycle. There are bike racks on campus, but we do not recommend keeping bikes there overnight.


  • How do I find the Academic Calendar?
    The Academic Calendar can be found on the University One Stop website.
  • How do you balance schoolwork and play time?
    One of the first things you should do is purchase a planner, and USE it. Make sure to write all homework assignments, meetings, and anything else you need to do. Keeping procrastination at a minimum is also very important. It just takes well thought-out scheduling, and time management. With these key ideas in mind, keeping a balance between work and play should be no problem!
  • What is your schedule like when you are double-majoring?
    Many students who are double-majors advise that you first take introductory classes to any major you might be interested in. This way, you can decide the areas in which you are truly interested, which will decide the classes you take in the future. Consider a minor or two instead!
  • What makes USF's School of Nursing different from other nursing schools?
    Once you are accepted into the School of Nursing, you begin your nursing program right away, with your Core classes integrated into your nursing classes.
  • Do you bring laptops to classes and what do you do for internet connection?
    Yes, you can bring a laptop to class. Many of the classrooms have wireless internet connections, but you should check to make sure that it does before you bring your computer to class.
  • How safe is it to have a laptop computer and how can I make sure it doesn't get stolen?
    It is perfectly safe to have a laptop on campus, as long as you are careful. Always keep your room door locked to prevent any theft. You may also purchase a lock for your laptop. They cost anywhere between $20 and $70, depending on where you buy it.
  • Where do I get information on academic advising and registration?Please visit for complete details on academic advising and registration.


  • How do I get to USF?
    View directions here:
  • What buses do you take to get to campus? What BART station do you get off at?
    The 5 Fulton, 31 Balboa, 38 Geary, 43 Masonic and 21 Hayes all run near campus, and can get you to most places in the city. You can get off at the Powell Street BART station which drops you off at Market and Powell, and take a bus from downtown to USF. For more information, visit the San Francisco
  • MUNI website at and the BART website at Another great website: