The University of San Francisco: Online Education

Authorized Payer

Authorized Payer Log-in Instructions to View Bill or Make a Payment Online:

  1. Contact your USF student for your Authorized Payer Username and Password. Only your USF student can create your Authorized Payer log-in profile (If you do not have your Authorized Payer Username and Password at this time, log on as a Guest Payer).
  2. Once you have your username and password, click on the ebill & epay link below to log in. This link is only for authorized payers.

  3. A window entitled "QuikPay Login" should pop-up.
  4. Enter your Authorized Username and Password and click "Login."
  5. From the menu on the left, choose your desired transaction (e.g. "Make Payment" to pay with a check or credit card, "View Accounts" to view recent and past bills, etc.).

* Authorized Payers are parents, spouses, employers, etc., who are given access by the student to view bills and make payments online. USF students may create Authorized Payer profiles through “ebill & epay” in USFconnect. Once the student provides an Authorized Payer with his/her username and password, an Authorized Payer may login to view bills and make payments—all online!

If you have questions, let us know by email at or by calling (415) 422-4533.