Payment Plan FAQs

1) Where can I look at my payment plan online?

If you are a student, log on to myUSF, and click on “View & Pay” under the student tab. If you are an authorized payer, log on to View & Pay using your authorized payer userid and password. Once you are on “View & Pay, click on “View your Plan” under “Installment Payment Plans.”

2) Will I get notices about my payment plan?

Yes, your initial notice acknowledging your enrollment will come from  Subsequent notices will be sent from when payments are processed or if some action is required on your part due to a change in your student account balance.

3) Who can I call with questions about my payment plan?

You may call Higher One at 877-405-4937 for information specific to your plan.

4) Is there a minimum account balance required to enroll in the payment plan?

The minimum balance is $2250.  Students whose balance is less than the minimum balance on payment due date will not be subject to registration cancellation.  Students should make every effort to pay their balance timely to avoid the monthly late fee of 1.5% on the balance. 

5) Do I have any options other than paying in full or enrolling in the Higher One managed payment plan?

No, these are the only two payment options that we offer.

6) Will I be required to make a payment when I enroll into the payment plan?

There is a $50 non-refundable enrollment fee for all students signing up for the installment payment plan.

If your registration has been cancelled, or you are a continuing student (not admitted to Fall 2015), you will be required to complete the Late Enrollment Down Payment for Payment Plan agreement before being allowed to register. Students completing this agreement will make a $500.00 down payment toward their tuition (see FAQ #7)

7) What is the Late Enrollment Down Payment for Payment Plan?

Students who have their registration cancelled after the payment due date, or have not registered before the payment due date, are not eligible to enroll in the installment payment plan until they register. Students who plan on enrolling in the installment payment plan must complete the Late Enrollment Down Payment agreement, which will make them eligible to register for classes, after which they will enroll in the installment payment plan. The Late Enrollment Down Payment requires a $500.00 payment to be made toward the semester balance. After enrolling in the installment paymentplan, the student will pay the remainder of their balance over automatic monthly installments.

8) I would like to switch my payment type to a credit card. Can this be done?

No, the University of San Francisco only accepts payment from checking or savings account on the payment plan.

9) I would like to switch my payment plan from one checking account to another checking or savings account. Can this be done?

You can make a change to the payment method used for your plan through View & Pay. In the Auto Payments box located in the right column of the screen you should see your AutoPay plan listed. Click "edit" and you will be prompted to confirm the basic information associated with the plan such as your email and the terms and conditions of the plan. Click "Continue Editing" until you are presented with your payment method options at which point you can enter new account information or choose a payment method previously saved within the system.

10) I signed up for the payment plan, but have now decided I would rather pay the charges for the semester in full. Can this be done?

Yes, but you will forfeit the enrollment fee, as this fee is non-refundable. Once you have paid your balance in full, please send an email to, including your student ID, and ask to have your payment plan marked “complete.”

11) I signed up for the payment plan, but have now received additional financial aid that will cover my USF semester balance in full. What should I do?

First, make sure that you have completed all of your financial aid requirements, such as accepting your awards, completing entrance interview requirements, signing promissory notes, and sending any required verification documents to the financial aid office. Then, send an email to that includes your student ID at least six business days before the payment is drawn on the first of the month.

12) Will the amount of the payment plan decrease if my USF account is reduced due to changes in registration, financial aid, or additional payments?

Yes, as long as the adjustment to your student account was made at least six business days before the date of the payment. If the adjustment was not made in time to adjust your current installment, your future installments will be reduced accordingly.

13) My account was adjusted after I signed up for the payment plan, and I now owe more than I did at the time I signed up. Will my payment plan be adjusted?

Your payment plan will not be adjusted automatically. You will be sent an email requesting that you log into the payment plan site and accept the increase to the installments. If you fail to do this within 5 business days, a hold will be placed on your account until you have accepted the increased installment amounts, or paid the new balance on your account.

If an authorized user has enrolled in the payment plan for your account, the authorized user will be required to log in to their account and accept the increase.

14) My account was adjusted, but too late for my payment to be adjusted, and I have now paid more than the total of my charges for the semester. What will happen to the extra payment?

It will be refunded according to the instructions you have on file with the Student Accounts office. If you have not yet provided instructions, please go to to review your options.

15) I would like to change the due date of my payments. Is this possible?

No, installments are due on the first of the month.

16) I’m on the payment plan, but I didn’t have enough money in my account to cover my payment. What will happen?

You will be assessed a returned item fee of $15. You will be responsible for making the payment yourself, as Higher One will only make one attempt to process an automated payment. To make the payment, log onto View & Pay, click on “Make Payment,” and select “Installment Plan Payment.” If you fail to make the payment within 10 business days of the due date, you will be assessed a late fee of $10. If you fail to make the payment within 15 business days of the due date, an additional $15 late fee will be assessed. If you miss two installments,Higher One will withdraw your account from the payment plan.  If your account is withdrawn from the payment plan, your account balance will become due in full, a hold will be placed on your account, and your account will be subject to late fees. Your registration may also be subject to cancellation and Higher One will prohibit future enrollment or participation in the payment plan.