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Student Page

Direct Deposit Form: Complete this form to receive your paychecks immediately and have your paychecks directly deposited to your bank account. You will need to attach a voided check and/or a savings deposit slip for processing

Electronic TimeSheet: Beginning March 21st, to view and submit time sheets online, please log on to USFConnect and click on the Employee tab. Click here to view the online timesheet submission guide.

Employment Instructions for On Campus Jobs: Refer to the most appropriate employment instruction below to ensure that you are added to the University Payroll and receive timely payments:

US Citizens/Permanent Residents:

International Students:

Employment Instructions for Off Campus Jobs: If you are a Federal Work Study (FWS) recipient and are interested in working off campus,please contactthe Student Employment Office for more information.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions for students.

FWS Planning: Download this tool to help you manage your work hours if your salary is subsidized by the federal work study grant. This will help you plan your schedule so that you do not earn more than your FWS award.

FWS Questionnaire: This questionnaire is sent to all FWS recipient in October. In order for the University to commit the appropriate federal funds required to run this program, it needs to know who among the recipient pool will actually utilize their Federal Work Study award. Any amounts not utilized will go back to the grant pool. The FWS awards of students who do not respond to the questionnaire will be canceled and will be returned to the grant pool.

I-9 Form: This is a required form for any and all students who will be receiving payments through the University payroll system. To receive a work clearance, please visit One Stop Student Services located in Lone Mountain Hall, Room 251 to complete an I-9 form. See list of acceptable documents.

On Campus Job Board: This link includes all on campus jobs available to any USF student enrolled full-time in a degree seeking program who meets the job qualification. Hiring supervisors will determine the best candidate for the job.

Off Campus Job Board: This link includes all work-study positions held atone of our qualified off campus employers. Most of these jobs are available while classes are in session and only available to work-study recipients. Hiring supervisors will determine best candidate for the job.

San Francisco Heath Care Security Ordinance:

In compliance with the San Francisco Health Care Security Ordinance (SFHCSO), USF is required to make health care expenditures for student employees who work on average right or more hours per week in San Francisco during a calendar quarter and have been employed by USF for a minimum of 90 days. The amount of the expenditure is calculated by the number of hours worked during a calendar quarter and an hourly rate set by the San Francisco Office of Labor Standards Enforcement.

For more information about SFHCSO, please click here.


If you already have health insurance, receive 40 Dons Dollars


Student employees who have health coverage, not including the USF Student Health Insurance Plan, as either an employee of another company or as a dependent of another person (i.e. parent or spouse/partner), can complete a waiver. By having other coverage and by signing the waiver, the University will not need to make a health care expenditure.

To waive, please submit a waiver form to, fax to 415-386-1074 or to the Office of Human Resources, LM 339 to receive a credit of 40 Don Dollars. The waiver is effective for the calendar year and can be renewed annually.

Work Clearance:Students who were offered and have accepted a work aid as part of their financial aid package will be sentan electronic work clearance format theirUSFConnect email address. Federal Work Study (FWS) recipients who are candidates for an off campus job must call Student Employment at x6770 for a FWS Work Authorization form. All other students who did not receive a work aid can obtain this form in person at Student Employment, LM 251. Upon receipt of a work clearance, students are to forward or present to a hiring supervisor confirming his/her student employmenteligibility. Students must have completed anI9 Form and be enrolled full time before a Student Employment staff member can confirm his/her student employment eligibility. The following are sample work clearances:

US Citizens/Permanent Residents:

International Students:

Workers' Compensation Benefits (Medical Provider Network):  

Workers' Compensation Benefits (CA): You may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits if you are injured or become ill because of your job, or are a victim of a workplace crime. Understand your workers' compensation benefits and return the Notice of Predesignation of Personal Physician/Chiropractor/Acupuncturist (page 4 and 5) to One Stop (Lone Mountain 251).