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International Students

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International students who are matriculated in a degree-granting program at USF and international students who are enrolled at USF through an exchange program are eligible for on-campus employment. Employment instructions will vary depending on the student’s visa type. Please click on the link below for the instructions page.

International Students Instructions 

At the most, assignments can last an academic year at a time. Good performers will be invited by their supervisors to continue their assignment the following term or the following year. Depending on the terms of the job, invitations are typically extended at the end of the school year after students are evaluated for their job performance. Students who are invited to return the following term/year must go through the employment process again so that they can be re-added to the University Payroll system.


For a list of employment terminology and forms, please see the Student Resource page.

For a list of frequently asked questions, please see the Student FAQ .