Frequently Asked Questions

My Financial Aid Offer says that I have unmet eligibility. Is that what I will owe USF?

No. To calculate an estimate of what you will owe, use the worksheet provided on the “Understanding the Cost of Attendance” form.

Is my Financial Aid Offer letter also a bill? If not, when will I receive a bill from USF?

No, the Financial Aid Offer letter is NOT a bill and does not indicate actual charges owed. You will not receive a bill until after you are registered for classes. Once you are registered for classes, tuition is due. You will not receive a paper bill. The billing statement will be sent to your myUSF email account.

I have been selected for verification. Do I have to complete a verification worksheet?

Yes, if you are selected for this process, you must complete the worksheet (may be printed from the OneStop Forms web page) and return it with IRS Tax Transcripts or indicate on the worksheet that you and your parents or spouse have completed the IRS Data Match on your FAFSA. Your award is not final and no aid will be credited towards your charges or paid to you until verification is complete.

When is my financial aid going to be paid to my USF student account?

At the beginning of each semester and once you have enrolled properly and completed all the requirements for disbursement, your aid will be paid to your USF student account. You can regularly view your Unsatisfied Requirements in the Financial Aid section of myUSF Student Self Service.

I am expecting to receive a refund from my financial aid. How will I receive these funds?

Credit balances created by federal student aid are refunded by check unless a student's Direct Deposit information is provided on the online Direct Deposit Authorization Form which is submitted by the student to OneStop/Student Accounts. For Federal Direct PLUS loans, credit balances are refunded by check to the parent borrower unless the borrower authorizes a refund to be made to the student. In general, your refund will be av available within 14 days of disbursement of financial aid into your student account.

Can I pay for my books with financial aid?

Books are available from the University’s bookstore and the bookstore must be paid when you purchase them. Book charges cannot be charged to your student account. We strongly recommend that you come to school with sufficient funds to purchase books as you will likely need them before you receive a refund of a credit balance.

What is the difference between grants or scholarships and loans?

The University’s tuition grants and scholarships are gifts that do not need to be repaid. Student loans must be repaid so review the terms and conditions of each loan offered before accepting it. In most cases, repayment is deferred until you are no longer a college student enrolled half time or more. For more information, please visit the Grants and Scholarships and Loans pages on our website.

Additional questions?

Contact the One Stop Office at (415) 422-2020 or email