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Don Dollars Debit Account

How to Deposit
Accepted Locations
Terms and Conditions
Don Dollars belong to an optional, but highly recommended on-campus debit account. The Don Dollars program is administered by the USF One Card Office and enables you to conveniently make purchases throughout USF via your USF One Card. As part of the USF One Card Program's debit account service, Don Dollars helps to provide a safer campus environment by minimizing the need to carry and use cash for daily expenses. And... if you use Don Dollars on campus, you receive a 10% discount at campus dining locations. (If you are a USF faculty or staff member, and you use Don Dollars on campus, you receive a 20% discount at campus dining locations1.)

What are the easiest ways to deposit funds onto my Don Dollars account?
1) Online: If using a credit or debit card, you can deposit funds via the web. Please remember there is a limit of $1,499.99.
2) C2C: If using cash, you can deposit funds at the Cash2Card machine that is located in the University Center next to the Market Cafe
3) If using cash, check, or Visa/MC, you can deposit funds in the One Card Office

Maintaining It

Upon receiving your first One Card, you are automatically set up with a Don Dollars account. In order to maintain it, you must be an active student, employee, or affiliate with USF. Any available balance forwards to the following academic semester. If you graduate or separate from the University, you may close your account and, if funds remain, request a refund by completing our Don Dollars Account Close/Refund Form

Using It

To use Don Dollars, simply deposit money onto your account and begin making purchases. All purchase amounts then are debited from your account's available balance. There are no cardholder fees or hidden costs associated with your account, and Don Dollars is accepted everywhere on campus that cash is, including all campus dining locations. It is important to note that cash cannot be withdrawn from the account, ensuring that all funds are used for University expenses. Also, the account belongs to the cardholder. While someone may make a deposit on your behalf (e.g., a parent or guardian), for security reasons, we can only provide account information to you, the cardholder.

Monitoring It

Account Statements are available via the web. You can check your account statement, transaction history, and current balances by viewing your balance and transaction history. It is important to review your transaction information at least once per month to verify that it is correct. Report any discrepancies to the One Card Office.

1 All purchases are subject to state sales tax.