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Additional Services We Provide

The following list describes non-USF One Card services provided by, or associated with, the One Card Office. Please visit our merchandise page to view available products.

Fax Transmittals


Members of the USF community may send faxes directly from the One Card Office anytime during office hours - no appointment is necessary. The cost is $3 for 1-5 pages, $6 for 6-10 pages, $9 for 11-15 pages, etc. A cover sheet is required for all faxes and is included in the page count.

MUNI Class Pass Stickers

MUNI2The MUNI Class Pass Program allows traditional undergraduate students to use their USF One Card in conjunction with a special MUNI sticker to ride on any form of MUNI transit within San Francisco. Traditional undergraduate students who pay the Transportation Fee as part of their tuition are eligible to receive one sticker per fall and spring semester. Other students, including law students, graduate students, undergraduate students in School of Management programs and visiting students will be able to purchase the stickers at a discounted price. Inquiries regarding this program should be directed to the One Card Office at (415) 422-7663.