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Card Access

Swiping Your USF One Card

A significant aspect of the USF One Card's suite of services is card access. As a current USF cardholder, you may use your USF One Card to unlock doors and gain entrance into University buildings and facilities. Access is determined by existing policy or by supervisor authorization; therefore, card access varies from person to person.


Default Access:

All current USF students and employees have access to certain locations on campus.

Association Access:

In addition to default access, access can be placed on a USF cardholder's account based upon their association with certain points on campus (such as their residence hall or school).

Manager Approval:

To obtain access above and beyond default and association accesses, manager (or supervisor) approval is required. A manager, in this case, is the "person responsible for the area/group" to which the cardholder needs access. The approval process entails that a manager submits a request via the Access Request Form. The use of the Access Request Form allows One Card personnel to grant access in a timely and accurate manner, and maintain accountability while doing so.

Access Modification:

In addition to granting access to cardholders, managers also may need to modify access. Modifications include adding/removing access points and extending/shortening access periods. The modification process requires that a manager submits a request via the Access Request Form.