The University of San Francisco: School of Nursing and Health Professions

Public Health Day 2013 - Main Campus


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

8:00 AM Registration - Fromm Hall

8:30 AM Welcome and Introductions-Xavier Hall

Student Panels: 9:00 AM -10:30 AM

Panel 1, Group A Health disparities and access - Berman Room 

9:00 AM: Sukie Jefferson:" Caring for our Communities: Discussions of Exploratory African American Health Initiative

9:15 AM: Mary Elise Cooper: " Caring for the Underserved" 

9:30 AM: Danielle Jennings: "A Health Needs Assessment for Watsonville, CA 

9:45 AM: Nicole Mazzetti: "Health Messages of Suicide Prevention Hotlines 

Panel 1 Group B Program planning; program evaluation; institutional policy development- Maier Room 

9:00 AM: Alison Wood:"Environmental Audits of the Workforce Health Division, Wellness Department 

9:15 AM: LIsa Cantanzaro:"Managed Care Initiative: Care Coordination addressing the Social Determinants of Health 

9:30 AM: Rachel Stone:"Guarding Sensitive Health Data: Establishing an Effective UCSF Intervention to Enhance Privacy Protection

9:45 AM: Adrienne Shatara:"Healthy Yolo" 

10:00 AM: Annie Wiederanders:"Policy Change to Incentivize Orphan Drug Development" 

10:00 AM-11:00 AM Break - E-Folio Demonstration 

Panel 2 Group A Environmental Health- Berman Room 

11:00 AM: Maija Witte:"Creating Personal Beauty of a Public Health Beast: A Discussion of Cosmetics, Personal Care Products and the Role of Public Health" 

11:15 AM: Brianna Singelton:"Emergency Preparedness in San Francisco"

11:30 AM: Sue Ann Leavy:" Mindful Eating" 

11:45 AM: Kirstie Ruby:"World Health Organization Fieldwork Experience" 

12:00 PM: Linda Nguyen:"Climate Change, Food Quality and Health Care Sector's Role 

Panel 2 Group B Maternal/Child Health - Maier Room 

11:00 AM: Stacy Polos:"Program Development and Implementation for Pregnant and Parenting Teens in San Francisco" 

11:15 AM: Garvey Golden:"The Northern California Breathmobile"

11:30 AM: Mackinnon Ross:"Outreach for San Mateo County"

11:45 AM: Samantha Busener: " Addressing Childhood Exposures to Toxic Chemicals: Flame Retardants in Indoor Environments 

12:30 PM Lunch-Maraschi Room

1:30 PM Keynote Speaker- Barbara Garcia, Director, San Francisco Department of Health- Xavier Hall

2:15 PM Final Graduation Celebration/Dean's Congratulations

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Public Health Day 2013 - Presidio Campus
Public Health Day 2013 - Main Campus