The University of San Francisco: School of Nursing and Health Professions
Inserting a feeding tube into dummy in simulation lab
G Nursing MSN

Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) Projects Description

UCSF Medical Center

  • Cardiac patient education
  • Change of shift report
  • Developing a alcohol withdrawal protocol
  • Effectiveness of PCA in pain management
  • Nurse education and competency I are of patients with less common diagonoses
  • Pain interventions and reassessment documentation
  • Pain management documentation
  • Pain management education for nurses with emphasis on culturally diverse patients
  • Prevention of skin breakdown in geriatric patients
  • Pain interventions and reassessment documentation
  • Strategies for improving interactions with children in the emergency department

Stanford Hospital and Medical Center

  • Educational program for patients in infusion center waiting area
  • Evaluating pain management and barriers to documentation
  • Fall prevention education of staff at unit X
  • Hyperglycemia in bone marrow transplant patients
  • Microsystem Action Plan to Prevent Patients from Falling (Location: Stanford University Hospital and Clinics)
  • Pain reassessment documentation
  • Patients on unit X report they are not receiving adequate emotional support. Are the nurses comfortable with their therapeutic communication skills? A nursing staff teaching intervention
  • Preventing medication errors in the emergency department
  • Promotion use of the incentive spirometer to prevent the complication of pneumonia in the intermediate intensive care unit
  • Staff nurse's barriers to providing consistent and effective diabetes education
  • Why is there an increase in rate/incidence of patient falls occurring in 2006 in unit X?

Kaiser Hospitals and Medical Center

  • Accessibility of Patient Education on a Cardiac Unit
  • Despite a PMT (patient mobility team) resource, nurses are injuring themselves related to manual lifting of patients. Is this related to inaccessibility of the PMT and/or the need for additional personnel to staff the movement load on unit x?
  • Discharge delays on unit X resulting in patient and family anxiety and reduction in ability to assimilate discharge teaching
  • Enhancing whiteboard use as a communication tool with patients and their families
  • Hourly rounding and patient safety, satisfaction and call light use
  • Implementation of a bedside repositioning reminder tool to increase the rate of re-positioning patients at risk for hospital-acquired pressure wounds
  • Improving discharge teaching and documentation for patients with heart failure
  • Nurses' resistance to newly implemented nurse-to-nurse bedside shift report
  • Oversight and disregard for oral hygiene for compromised patients on unit X
  • Promoting the use of advance healthcare directives
  • Staff nurses' resistance to bedside reporting during change of shift

VA Medical Centers

  • Ambulatory Infusion Center (AIC) Nursing Assessment and Documentation Redesign
  • Applying Lean Principles to Increase Operational Efficiency in the Nursing Documentation Process: Impacting Patient Outcomes from the Microsystem to the Macrosystem at the VAPAHCS
  • Development and Implementation of a Standardized Perioperative Nursing Care Plan to be Integrated in the Patient Electronic Record
  • Embedding the Clinical Nurse Leader Role in Patient Aligned Care Team Women's Clinic
  • Enhancing Wound Care in the Polytrauma Population
  • Implementation of the Clinical Nurse Leader: Improving Shift Change Report in a Community Living Center
  • Implementing a Health Issues Module to Improve Quality of Patient Care Through Patient Education
  • Integration of a CNL into the MSICU
  • Process Improvement in the Operating Room: A Reference Manual for Surgical Count Sheets
  • The Financial Feasibility of a Fast Track System in the Emergency Department

Mills Peninsula Medical Center

  • Creating and Implementing Policies and Procedures for the Direct Admissions of Patients to the Mental Health Unit