The University of San Francisco: School of Nursing and Health Professions

Master of Science in Nursing Final Projects

CNL student Bustina Wanjala

Bustina Wanjala, RN, MSN

Project: Improving Outcome for Ambulatory Cardiac Patients Through Consistent Medication Reconciliation

Current Employment: Floor nurse on a transitional cardiac, thoracic, and transplant care unit

"My choice to attend USF was heavily influenced by my passion for social justice. The CNL program has changed the way I think about healthcare because of its strong focus on interdisciplinary collaboration.

I believe my personal and professional development at USF, as well as the relationships forged here, will empower and prepare me to change the world from here."

CNL student Sam Cekovic

Samantha Cekovic, RN, MSN

Project: Reducing the Incidence of Against Medical Advice Discharges in a Skilled Nursing Facility

Current Employment: Charge nurse in a sub-acute facility

“My thinking of the health care system and its management has completely changed. The knowledge attained during this program is very specific, and I would not have gained this perspective without taking CNL courses.

The CNL program really advocates for life-long learning and being proactive in your respective health care setting. Ever since graduating, I have been speaking up about noted problems and developing solutions based on root cause analysis.”

CNL student Greg Rohrbach

Greg Rohrbach, RN, BSN, CNL

Project: Promoting Self-Care Management with a Personal Health Journal in a Home-Based Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

CNL student Maria O'Shaughnessy

Maria O’Shaughnessy, RN, MSN, CNN, CNL

Project: Reaching kt/V: Achieving Adequacy of Peritoneal Dialysis

Current Employment: Care Nurse

“My current role in nursing as a care manager allows me to advocate for the patient. The MSN-CNL degree has helped guide my approach to offering patient-centered care with measurable outcomes demonstrating best nursing practices. My family has a legacy of 3 generations attending USF.

The Jesuit philosophy of service to others with compassion is an important theme in line with my personal values. My future goal is to be instrumental in mentoring new nurses in gaining confidence to weave through the barriers to collaboration within today's complicated healthcare system.“

CNL student Mary Grace Enriquez

Mary Grace Enriquez, RN, MSN

Project: Implementing a Psychotropic Medication Protocol to Improve Patient Outcomes and Nursing Documentation Accuracy in a Skilled Nursing Facility

Additional Projects by Location

UCSF Medical Center
  • Developing an Alcohol Withdrawal Protocol
  • Prevention of Skin Breakdown in Geriatric Patients
  • Strategies for Improving Interactions with Children in the Emergency Department
Stanford Hospital and Medical Center
  • Educational Program for Patients in Infusion Center Waiting Area
  • Preventing Medication Errors in the Emergency Department
  • Staff Nurses' Barriers to Providing Consistent and Effective Diabetes Education
Kaiser Hospitals and Medical Center
  • Accessibility of Patient Education on a Cardiac Unit
  • Improving Discharge Teaching and Documentation for Patients with Heart Failure
  • Staff Nurses' Resistance to Bedside Reporting During Change of Shift
VA Medical Centers
  • Enhancing Wound Care in the Polytrauma Population
  • Implementing a Health Issues Module to Improve Quality of Patient Care Through Patient Education
  • The Financial Feasibility of a Fast Track System in the Emergency Department