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Careers in Public Health

MPH graduates work in a wide variety of settings. You will find MPH degree holders at every level in community health agencies – municipal, state, and federal. 

They work in community based non-­governmental organizations (NGOs) or larger multi-­state or national outreach groups. They may be employed by school boards, Departments of Public Health, State task forces, community hospitals, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), or maternal and child health agencies.

International public health specialists may work for national agencies, or intergovernmental groups, such as the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) or the United Nations Development Organization (UNDP).

Academic institutions may employ MPH graduates to conduct research in public policy, public health law, environmental health or epidemiology.

In the corporate world, MPH graduates may be employed at biotech firms, in corporate wellness initiatives, at managed care organizations, project management or data analysis or coordinating services for healthcare providers.

A Sample of Public Health Job Titles

Community Health

Director of Community Health Services; Director of Community Health Training; Community Relations Director; HIV/AIDS Services Planner School Health Coordinator; Community Liaison Officer; CARE Community Director Project Coordinator; Communications and Marketing Advisor

Environmental Health

Epidemiologist; State Department of Natural Resources; Air Quality Specialist; Radioactive Water Specialist; Virologist; Industrial Waste Director; Radiation Safety Specialist; Infection Control Officer

Health Education and Health Promotion

Municipal Health Educator; Corporate Wellness Coordinator; Public Health Nurse; Academic Programs Administrator; Manager of Education & Technology; Outreach Program/Project Director; Medical Clinic Director; Health Promotion Coordinator Nutritionist

Health Policy Management

Academic Policy Advisor; Legislative Policy Advisor; Management Policy Advisor; USAID Health Officer; Senior Advisor for Reproductive Health Program; Manager of Public Health Affairs; Policy Analyst; Health Policy Formulator

The American Public Health Association maintains a comprehensive database of available Public Health positions throughout the country.

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