The University of San Francisco: School of Nursing

Mentorship and Networking

The USF Dons Helping Dons Mentorship Program is an online resource connecting USF students with alumni, faculty, and others who mentor them by providing advice, information, and support. USF students may choose Mentors who have similar career, academic, or cultural interests.

Why not Expand your World?

As a Mentee, you can gain perspective on your long-term career goals; acquire advice on balancing education, career, and extracurricular activities; and receive honest feedback and encouragement. As a Mentor, you can build a student's confidence, knowledge, and motivation needed to succeed by sharing your expertise and support. Students, staff, and alumni can further broaden their networks by also informally linking up with other Mentorship Program participants.

How the Program Works:

  • Alumni and students register to participate in the Mentorship Program. (See How to Register below). Please note that these networks are exclusive and closed to non-affiliated users.
  • Mentees select one or more Mentors from the on-line database, initiate the first contact with their Mentor(s), and take the lead on staying in touch. (Please note that Mentors do not select Mentees.)
  • Mentors do not have to be located in the Bay Area: communication can be via email, phone, or in person. Mentees and Mentors communicate in whatever way is most comfortable to them and works best with their schedules.

Of Special Note for Mentors

  • Once you are selected to be a Mentor, encourage your Mentee to be candid about what he/she hopes to gain from the experience. Please note that it is not a Mentor's responsibility to find employment for a student.
  • How much time you commit to mentoring is up to you. You can decide how many Mentees you accept and how much time you dedicate to each student.

Go to the USF Dons Helping Dons Mentorship site for more information and to sign-up.

Other Networking Opportunities:

LinkedIn group - USF Clinical Nurse Leaders

LinkedIn group - USF School of Nursing Alumni

AfterCollege - USF Nursing Social Justice Career Network (entry level jobs & internships)

For more information about the Mentorship Program, contact:

Lisa Sabatini
Director of Clinical Performance and Simulation Centers
School of Nursing and Health Professions
San Francisco, CA 94117-1080
(415) 422-6348