The University of San Francisco: School of Nursing and Health Professions

Student Profiles

Robbie Murphy

Roberta 'Robbie' Murphy

B.A. Public Administration, University of San Francisco

I was trained in Michigan as an occupational therapy assistant and have worked with adults with physical disabilities. My professional responsibilities systematically moved towards the use of data to measure the performance of individuals and programs. 

Why Health Informatics?

Health informatics has shaped my career and I believe I have helped to shape how health information is used at Dignity Health. The electronic health record has revolutionized both the delivery and the documentation of every type of health service across the continuum of care. I find it very satisfying to develop systems that allow the health data being generated to be accessible, meaningful and usable. 

What advice would you give to potential MS Health Informatics’ students?

Be prepared to be amazed. The global breadth of the program and the partnerships that are in place to support students’ learning are remarkable. There is a clear expectation that program graduates will make a significant contribution to field of health informatics and to our world. 

Future Goals

I am inspired by the USF motto 'Change The World From Here'. In the next phase of my career, I plan to use health informatics to improve the health of underserved populations.

Micheal Agbeniyi

Michael Agbeniyi

B.S. Computer Science, Osun State University

My interest is in Global Health Records / Revolutions (GHRs). I can’t wait to see a day when medical record applications could be easily interchangeable across different countries of the world. I have BS in Computer Science from Osun State, Nigeria and I have over 5 years’ experience as a Technical Support Specialist with various institutions including insurance, education, medical, business and non-profit organizations. 

Why Did You Choose USF?

This is not just any other school; it is a school that has proven record of academic success. After my research concerning the school, I am excited to find myself as one of the students that will leave unforgettable landmark achievements behind.

Future Goals

I would like to join an organization like Practice Fusion, gain experience in the Health IT marketplace and start my own consulting firm with which I will be able to partner with other healthcare organizations in Nigeria so as to convince the ministry of health in my country to adopt electronic health record systems. Ultimately I hope to be a sort of motivation and inspiration for other fellow Africans that nothing is impossible with enlightenment.