The University of San Francisco: School of Nursing and Health Professions


Tel:(415) 422-6681

Ruth Amos

Adjunct Faculty

Tel:(415) 422-4638

William Bosl

Assistant Professor; Director, MSHI Program

Tel:(415) 422-2810

Patricia Francis-Lyon

Assistant Professor

Prof. Francis-Lyon is interested in the application of computational biology, algorithms and mathematical models to biological problems and predictions, with focus on protein structure and genomics.  Application of artificial intelligence and data mining to decision making: investigation into hidden bias and interactions of input parameters.


Andrew Nguyen

Assistant Professor

Tel:(415) 422-5707

Terence Parr


Terence is a professor of computer science and is the creator of the ANTLR parser generator. He herded programmers and implemented the large jGuru developers web site, during which time he developed and refined the StringTemplate engine. Terence has consulted for and held various technical positions at companies such as IBM, Lockheed Missiles and Space, NeXT, and Renault Automation. Terence was an expert witness for Google in the Oracle v Google Android lawsuit. His passion is writing software.Terence holds a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Purdue University and was a postdoctoral fellow at the Army High-Performance Computing Research Center at the University of Minnesota.


David Uminsky

Assistant Professor

David's research interests are in applying mathematics to unsupervised machine learning and data clustering methods. He is specifically interested in developing new provably convergent and highly accurate algorithms to perform unsupervised data clustering. He is also the founding director of the Bachelor's program in Data Science at USF. Before joining USF he was a combined NSF and UC President's Fellow at UCLA. He holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Boston University and a B.S. in Mathematics from Harvey Mudd College.