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Student Profiles

Ellen Sereno

Ellen Sereno

I chose the MSBH program at USF because of its comprehensive approach of addressing the gaps within the healthcare field. I have worked in an inpatient, hospital setting for the last three years and was quickly aware of how important an interdisciplinary team was to the success of a patient’s health outcomes. The MSBH program has provided me with vital skills in the areas of program development, program evaluation and interdisciplinary collaboration. I have enjoyed being one of the first students to go through the program, as it has given my classmates and I the chance to shape our coursework into what we need to be successful in our respective fields.

In order to better understand the culture of Pediatric Primary Care (my area of interest), I have been working with the Child Life Department at UCSF to implement developmental and psychosocial care in the primary care clinic. Through research, collaboration, and in-person developmental interventions, I am creating a needs assessment, which will hopefully lead to funding for a full time Child Life Specialist within a primary care setting. I see that the health care field is changing and I am excited to possibly be one of the individuals responsible for shaping a new way to provide care to patients across the nation. I could not have done any of this without the help of USF’s MSBH program.

Emily Shay

Emily Shay

I have worked in the non-profit sector for ten years as a mental health case-manager and psychosocial educator for diverse populations. During this time, my passion in addressing health disparities emerged. Not only did I witness a need for better access and quality of care for underserved communities, the delivery of services for clients who had comorbidities lacked cohesion and required advocacy. 

I waited to continue my education because no degree ever truly addressed what I wanted to accomplish. I am so glad I waited, because the MSBH program allows me to combine my interests in public health and psychology, examining how new healthcare policies can be implemented to provide access and improved quality of care through integrated primary care models. 

I also don’t think I could have found a more supportive community of like-minded, focused and passionate students, professors, staff, and leadership anywhere else. My experience as a first cohort student has been inspiring. I look forward to leading changes in the delivery of our healthcare system, to provide integrated care to underserved populations and to educate and support healthcare professionals in policy and system changes. This is an exciting time in an emerging field, and through USF I believe MSBH students truly can change the world from here!

Simma Khahera_175

Gursimran 'Simma' Khahera

I have always believed that I have a duty to serve others; my character has been defined by the means of service through health. I see my role in correcting health disparities through health education as a means of prevention. 

I started getting into preventative care when learning about the high costs of medicine. We have great innovations in western medicine however many health issues can be addressed through preventative measure, which is inexpensive and has the greatest long-term benefits. However I soon learned that there is not one solution for everyone and treatment needs to be client centered to be effective. Also, treatment often requires the knowledge and expertise of many health care professionals.

To address the needs I had discovered, I decided to dedicate my life to service and the MSBH program at USF is a step closer in continuously achieving that goal. I chose USF because I really like the program's focus on helping underserved individuals. I also really like where the program is located. The Presidio is gorgeous and great for walks before class. The space is small and you can interact with staff and faculty on a more casual level. 

The MSBH degree has really helped shape the way I think about patient care and I want to help clients achieve better health care outcomes by equipping them with the right resources.