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MSBH Curriculum Pattern

A full-time student can complete the MSBH program in 12 months (3 consecutive semesters). The curriculum pattern below reflects a typical full-time course plan. Students may also enroll as part-time students. The curriculum pattern for part-time students will be determined on a case-by-case basis and may include some alternative classes not listed below.

MS in Behavioral Health courses are offered in the evenings beginning at 5:00. Full-time students can expect to come to campus twice each week. Contact us for more information about the unique blended format of the MSBH program. Fieldwork hours are completed at a community agency in the Bay Area and are generally completed during daytime work hours.

Fall Entry Curriculum Pattern

PSYD 728 Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care 3 credits
MOPA 603 Quantitative Methods 3 credits
MPH 636 Program Planning, Management and Evaluation 4 credits
BH 612 Introduction to Community Health Concepts 2 credits
BH 614 Foundational Skills for Behavioral Health Practice 1 credit
  Semester Total 
13 credits
BH 621 Legal, Ethical, and Professional Issues in Behavioral Health 2 credits
MPH 622 Communicating for Healthy Behavior and Social Change 4 credits
NURS 765 Project and Practice Management 3 credits
BH 625 Behavioral Health Fieldwork I 1 credit
  Semester Total 
10 credits
BH 623 Team Leadership and Inter-professional Collaboration 2 credits
BH 624 Chronic Conditions: Biopsychosocial Aspects and Interventions 3 credits
BH 640 Behavioral Health Informatics 3 credits
BH 635 Behavioral Health Fieldwork II 1 credit
BH 645 Capstone 1 credit
  Semester Total 
10 credits

Course descriptions are available in the catalog.