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Student Profiles

Alison Bell

Alison Bell

Alison Bell was the recent recipient of the Dean's Medal.

Presented by Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Professions, Dr. Judith Karshmer, to a graduating student who promotes professionalism in the spirit of the University of San Francisco.

Jessica Stillman and Dr. Kia james

Jessica Stillman

Jessica Stillman received the Kia James Founder Award.

The Kia James Founder Award is presented to a graduating MPH student whose academic accomplishments and field experience demonstrates a commitment to social justice in the spirit of the University of San Francisco and the Master of Public Health program.

Katelyn Conant

Katelyn Conant

Before beginning my graduate career at the University of San Francisco in the Master of Public Health program, I graduated with a B.S. in Microbiology and a minor in Arabic and worked for the Department of Defense in Washington, D.C. However, with the decreasing stability of the job market and the reality of grants and funding looming over advancements, I came across the University of San Francisco’s Master of Public Health Program.

University of San Francisco’s mission for social justice and academic excellence, and the generalized degree spoke to me, and now that I have graduated, I reflect on the fortunate opportunity I had at USF. I have made connections with public health professionals and organizations, as well as having the auspicious fieldwork experience with the California Immunization Coalition. From the supportive professors, diverse learning styles and delivery, and novel program structure, the program garners a unique educational experience; the courses are broad, yet focused within the subject, whereby allowing students to find a niche within the extensive public health field.

Looking forward, I aim to build on my strong foundation in science, passion for social justice, and health disparities I have developed through my graduate career at USF. I also plan to work to produce innovative policies reflecting the balance between equity, cost, and efficiency in health services. Further, through practice in public health services and policy, I wish to pursue research on structural and organizational public and social policies, as well as policy making.

Florence Fudukowska

Florence Fudakowska

From my earliest years, I was exposed to the concept of service to humanity. I was raised on a remote Central Pacific atoll which, in recent years, has become the focal-point of an increasing number of public health campaigns and socio-economic development initiatives. My parents were heavily involved in grassroots community organization and we had a steady stream of aid workers, doctors, law makers and politicians come through our home.

When I read Mountains Beyond Mountains, Tracy Kidder's biography of medical anthropologist Dr. Paul Farmer, I decided my specific avenue of service would be through improving public health. I was attracted to the Jesuit principles of social justice and social action that are infused in the University of San Francisco's Master of Public Health program.