The University of San Francisco: School of Nursing and Health Professions
Inserting a feeding tube into dummy in simulation lab
G Nursing MSN

Learning Goals

At the completion of the program, the graduate will:

  • Design, coordinate, and evaluate care for a diversity of patients, families, and communities
  • Provide services at the point of care to individuals across the lifespan with particular emphasis on health promotion and risk reduction
  • Synthesize data, information, and knowledge to evaluate and achieve optimal outcomes
  • Ensure inclusive care planning for patients and families
  • Provide patients with pertinent information about their care before it is provided
  • Advocate for the patient by taking action if care decisions or activities are against the patient’s wishes or interests
  • Advocate for the profession and the interdisciplinary health care team
  • Use appropriate teaching theories and strategies and current information, materials, and technology to provide and teach patients, families, and communities about their care
  • Use information systems and technology at the point of care to improve health care outcomes
  • Participate in system review processes to improve the delivery of patient care and to evaluate and anticipate risks to patient safety with an aim of preventing error
  • Delegate and manage clinical resources of the nursing team
  • Serve as a leader and partner in the interdisciplinary health care team
  • Recognize that an ongoing acquisition of knowledge and skills is necessary to effect change in care practice and outcomes