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Inserting a feeding tube into dummy in simulation lab
G Nursing MSN

MSN for Non-Nurses Curriculum Pattern

Prerequisite to Program (exceptions are reviewed on an individual basis):
Human Anatomy (lecture and lab) 4 units
Human Physiology (lecture and lab) 4 units
Microbiology (lecture and lab) 4 units
General Psychology 3 units
Developmental Psychology 3 units
Statistics 3 units
Introduction to Sociology or Cultural Anthropology 3 units
College Composition 3 units
Public Speaking 3 units
Nutrition 2 units
Semester 1    
NURS 601 Introductory Pathophysiology and Pharmacology 3 units
NURS 602* Principles of Epidemiology 3 units
NURS 622 Health Assessment through the Lifespan 2 units
NURS 624 Fundamentals of Nursing: Learning and Reasoning 2 units
NURS 652 Applied Assessment and Fundamental Skills Lab 3 units
NURS 613* CNL Role: Introduction 1 unit
  Semester Total 14 units
Semester 2
NURS 610 Health Promotion of Families and Individuals Across the Lifespan 4 units
NURS 617 Childbearing Families Clinical Lab 3 units
NURS 612 Advanced Pathophysiology and Pharmacology 3 units
NURS 615* CNL Role: CNL as Educator 1 units
NURS 640* Healthcare Informatics for CNLs 2 units
  Semester Total 13 units
Semester 3
NURS 614* Healthcare Systems Leadership 3 units
NURS 618 Medical-Surgical Nursing I 3 units
NURS 619 Medical-Surgical Nursing I - Clinical Lab 3 units
NURS 634* Nursing Research 3 units
  Semester Total 12 units
Semester 4
NURS 629* Financial Resource Management 3 units
NURS 635 Medical-Surgical Nursing II 3 units
NURS 636 Medical-Surgical Nursing II - Clinical Lab 3 units
NURS 637 Pediatric Nursing 2 units
NURS 638 Pediatric Nursing - Clinical Lab 2 units
NURS 623* CNL Role: Team Manager and Leader 1 unit
  Semester Total 14 units
Semester 5**    
NURS 644 Clinical Leadership in Mental Health and Community-based Practice 3 units
NURS 646 Community and Mental Health Clinical Lab 4 units
NURS 645 CNL Role: Integration and Evaluation of the Clinical Leadership Role 1 unit
  Semester Total 8 units
Semester 6
NURS 648* Healthcare Policy and Ethics 3 units
NURS 651* CNL Role: Synthesis 2 units
NURS 653* Internship: Clinical Nurse Leader 2 units
  Semester Total 7 units
Course descriptions are available in the catalog.

*    Not considered pre-licensure courses.
**   Students are expected to take the NCLEX/State Board at the end of Semester 5,
     prior to progressing to Semester 6
*** Course numbers are subject to change

This is an example curriculum pattern for the MSN-CNL program for non-nurses. This curriculum pattern may vary depending upon which semester the student enters the program.