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Healthcare Immersion Trip to Cuba

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In summer 2014, MPH students visited Cuba where healthcare is a human right for all citizens. Cuba's health policy emphasizes prevention, primary care, community services, and active participation of citizens. These emphases have produced an impressively high ranking on major health indicators, despite economic handicaps.

Immersion Trip to Cuba - Summer 2013

USF Immersion Trip to Cuba - Summer 2013
“El respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz” translates to respect the rights of others is peace. It can be interpreted as we all have different views and ideas, but as long as we respect each other, we can all coexist peacefully. This has been the main theme of my immersion trip to Cuba, which has been one of the most amazing experience I've ever embarked on. I had the privilege of being hosted by a team of Cuban doctors, who led us through a 3-day obesity workshop and allowed us to visit their polyclinics, hospitals, maternity homes, diabetes clinic and geriatric center.

Throughout these tours and activities, I was able to learn much about the Cuban way, the culture, history and healthcare. It was inspiring to see how despite the economic hardship and limited resources Cuba faces, they made healthcare a right and ensured that the people all have equal access to health services. This trip also reminded me that life is filled with opportunities and obstacles, but what defines us is how we seize opportunities and overcome challenges.

Although Cuba and the United States are two different worlds, I hope to use the relationships I've built in the past two weeks to begin to bridge the gap and rebuild the relationship. I know that we can both learn and benefit much from working together rather than apart. – MPH Student, Cohort 1

MPH 656 Agriculture, Food and Nutrition

Over the course of the week-long Agriculture, Food and Nutrition class we learned an abundance of salient information regarding the great importance of sustainable food and agricultural practices that directly affect our health here in America as well as abroad. Although some of the information seemed rudimentary; for instance, pollinators and pollination, these processes are paramount for us, as humans to survive. We often do not stop and think about the bees, flies, etc. that help maintain the circle of life to provide us with such rich, nutrient filled crops. Because without pollinators, humans could not exist, as we rely on the crops these insects pollinate to live and flourish. This is just one example, of the many important concepts that we learned about in doing our part to truly appreciate and conserve proper practices and techniques to help sustain agriculture, and thus life, as it were.

In this class, we were also lucky enough to experience and see such sustainable practices first hand when we took field trips to two different farms, Veggielution and Tara Firma. I honestly cannot say enough about how much I enjoyed seeing these farms in practice. Not only are they practicing sustainable farming, they are also involving the community in their practices and giving back to their community by allowing their produce and meats to be more affordable and healthier options. I truly enjoyed and learned so much from the Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition class that I could go on for days about it. But, I will let you see for yourself and experience the amazing topics, discussions, and field trips that I had the pleasure of while taking this class!