The University of San Francisco: School of Nursing and Health Professions

Crawford Lecture 2006

The Spring 2006 Crawford Lecture Series

"Never Too Late"

The University of San Francisco School of Nursing along with the Crawford Foundation was pleased to offer 2006's program "Never Too Late" featuring the Stagebridge Theatre Group. The evening, cabaret style, attempted to break down the walls of stereotypes associated with the adult patient and client.The Stagebridge Theatre Group began in 1978 as an acting class at a senior center taught by Stuart Kandell. Within a year, the actors began performing original collaborative plays at senior centers and in elementary schools. Audiences responded strongly to seeing their peers or grandmas and grandpas on stage. (The average age of the players is 70 years old)

Kandell hired playwright and teacher, Linda Spector, in 1980 and began a collaboration that has lasted over twenty years. Spector has written more than twenty plays for the company dealing with issues such as street crime, depression, volunteering, stereotypes, technology, love and sex.