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UG Bachelor of Health Services

Bachelor of Health Services

An aging population and an evolving healthcare industry has driven increased demands for health services professionals. Meet that challenge.

A Bachelor of Health Services (BHS) will prepare you for managerial positions in a variety of healthcare organizations and environments. The curriculum focuses on topics related to leadership, administration, and delivery of health care services within organizations as well as human and financial resource management and best practices. A bachelor's degree in health services can open up many doors in all levels of the healthcare industry.


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Get Going on the Road to a Masters

The BHS Program at USF can help you earn your Master of Public Health, Master of Science in Behavioral Health or Master of Science in Health Informatics in less than two years! In the 4+1 Program, you will simultaneously work towards your undergraduate and graduate degrees in the final semesters of your Bachelor’s program. Once you complete your BHS degree, you will complete the remaining master's core, elective, and capstone requirements for your specific program to earn a master's degree. Inquire about applying for this program once you have been admitted and have completed at least two semesters of your BHS program.

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For more information about the program, please contact:
Pleasanton Campus, (925) 867-2711, ask an adviser

San Jose Campus,(408) 343-7100, ask an adviser

Sacramento Campus, (916) 920-0157, ask an adviser

Santa Rosa Campus, (707) 527-9612, ask an adviser

Orange County Campus, (415) 422-4134, ask an adviser