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Student Exchanges

The USF/SONHP Vietnam Nurse Project has coordinated visits to Vietnam for graduate students(master’s and doctoral) to observe and participate in nurse education and clinical projects with our Vietnam partners. All have expressed how the experience changed their lives, and will enhance their own nursing practice in the U.S.
Graduate students have received academic credit for their participative visits to Bach Mai Medical Center and School of Nursing, community health clinics, and the Vietnamese University Traditional Medicine School of Nursing. One USF doctoral student, Helen Nguyen (a neonatal nurse practitioner who is of Vietnamese descent and fluent in Vietnamese), has made several visits to Bach Mai since January of 2010. She has taught classes in the Bach Mai School of Nursing and has worked in the Medical Center with nurses and physicians in the neonatal patient care areas. Professor Nguyen is also faculty in the USF School of Nursing, and is earning her doctoral degree in the spring of 2011. Her doctoral work is focused on standards of care for low-birth weight infants and establishing use of Simulation To Advance Resuscitation Training (START).

VATM classroom
Nursing students at VATM.
Dr. Thuc at USF class
Dr. Thuc and USF nursing students.
Gonella presentation
Kate Gonnella, USF CNL student presents at Bach Mai Hospital.
VATM class having fun
Nursing students at VATM.
Nursing students at VATM
Nursing students at VATM.