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Staff and Management Development

Our hospital partners realized that nurse staff development, combined with nurse manager and executive development, is the primary mechanism to provide support for the bedside nurse in the provision of evidence-based, effective and efficient care. Without a robust and effective management infrastructure staff development cannot be implemented and sustained. Nurse leadership and management development has been a primary focus of nurse continuing education in the United States for decades and innumerable benefits have been realized.


DeBourgh and Chinh and leaders
Dr. DeBourgh with Dr. Chinh, Director Thanh Nhan Hospital (right of center), and hospital leaders.
Crow and An Khan leadership
Dr. Crow, Dr. Quy, Director of An Khanh Nursing School (2nd from left) with school leaders.
VATM dean and USF staff
Dr. Binh, Dean VATM Nursing School; Dr. Truong, Director VATM; Dr. Nguyen, VATM International Cooperation Officer; Dr. Crow; Dr. Karshmer, USF Dean; Dr. DeBourgh.