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Why donate to the VNP?

Private donations helped create the Vietnam Nurse Project, and currently sustain its existence to promote The Project's mission and vision, and strategies to accomplish them.

How your financial support will be used.

Thank you for considering support of the Vietnam Nurse Project. Please know that 100% of donated funds go directly to support the activities of The Project.

Donations are used to offset costs for Project activities of faculty, students, and nurses from our community who donate their time and expertise to benefit our Vietnam partners-currently three schools of nursing and three hospitals in which we are active.

"I gladly took the opportunity to support the Vietnam Nurse Project because it so clearly exemplifies how nurses can reach across the world to help nurse colleagues provide excellent care."
Tim Porter-O'Grady, EdD, RN, FAAN
Senior Partner Board Member, Tim Porter-O'Grady Associates, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia
Associate Professor, Leadership Scholar, Arizona State University

"As a retired public health professional in San Francisco, and a visitor to Vietnam, I know the importance of nurses. The Vietnam Nurse Project is providing the nurses of Vietnam with the skills they need to improve the health and well-being of all they serve."
Paul O'Malley
Health Program Coordinator, Hepatitis B and HIV Research Section
San Francisco Department of Public Health

To donate now, please direct all payments or inquiries to:

Crow and Children 

University of San Francisco
School of Nursing and
Health Professions
Attn: Mary Kate Wood, Assistant Dean
2130 Fulton Street
San Francisco CA 94117-1080

(415) 422-2961  


Thank you for considering a donation.

Gregory Crow, RN, EdD
Director, Vietnam Nurse Project