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Commission on Health Professions Education

The Commission on Health Professions Education was developed by university leaders to respond to the changing demands of nursing education in the 21st century health care environment.

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The commission brought together a carefully chosen group of prominent leaders in local and national government, business, and health care to address curricular needs and program development within the School of Nursing and Health Professions.

Building on current strength in the delivery of professional education in nursing, the commission sought to expand the scope and depth of health professions education at the graduate level with a focus on emerging fields, high demand areas for national and global health priorities, and areas of practice that will link the educational endeavor to providing health-related services in innovative and sustainable patterns of outreach.

Potential outcomes included increased collaboration between health-related programs, initiation of new health and human-services programs, development of strategic ties with external partners, and increased resources.

The commission met four times in 2011-12 to discuss the scope and depth of nursing and health professions education at the University of San Francisco. It paid special attention to developing university programs that address emerging and high-demand professional areas within health care, with special attention paid to changing trends and needs within the Bay Area.

Final Recommendations of the Health Commission submitted on March 12, 2012.

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