Ignatian Spirituality

Ignatian spirituality is at the heart of the Jesuit educational tradition.  Ignatian spirituality is a spiritual practice based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits. Ignatian spirituality insists that God is present in all things and active in our world and our lives. It is a pathway to deeper prayer, good decisions guided by keen discernment, and an active life of service to others. The cornerstone of Ignatian spirituality is the Spiritual Exercises. The Exercises can be completed with a spiritual director during a short-term retreat, or over the course of a year.  The Exercises bring one closer to God through prayer, contemplation and vocational discernment. 

Father Donal Godfrey, SJ, Associate Director for Faculty & Staff Spirituality at the University of San Francisco, gives a brief overview of Ignatian Spirituality.

At USF, many faculty and staff members participate in programs ranging from half-day retreats on campus to a year-long version of the Spiritual Exercises called the 19th Annotation Program. 
Many of these programs are organized by University Ministry.

For further information contact:

Fr. Donal Godfrey, S.J.

Associate Director for Faculty and Staff Spirituality
University Ministry
(415) 422-4463

Upcoming Events

Living the Mission: Discussion Series for Faculty and Staff

Fall : September 4 & November 6, 2013

Spring: January 29 & March 26, 2014

In conjunction with the release of "Living the Mission: A Book of Meditations, Prayers and Insights from the University of San Francisco Community," the University Council on Jesuit Mission will sponsor a discussion series for faculty and staff. The discussions will cover a variety of topics related to USF's mission and its impact on our professional and personal lives.

September 4: Living the Mission: An Introduction to a Community Conversation

November 6: Gender, Sexuality, and the Mission

January 29: Living the Mission: What is Social Justice?

March 26: Living the Mission: Interfaith Inclusion


First Week Retreat for Faculty and Staff

September 6-8, Jesuit Retreat Center, Los Altos, CA

Begin the new year with a weekend away with colleagues and an introduction to the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola at the beautiful Jesuit Retreat Center in Los Altos, CA. Cost is $100, which includes a private room and all meals. Begins with dinner on Friday September 6th and ends with lunch on Sunday, September 8. Priority is given to those making an Ignatian retreat for the first time.

Registration is required; to register, please contact Fr. Donal Godfrey S.J.


Ignatian Spirituality Seminar

A book discussion group for people who are interested in our Jesuit mission and its underlying Ignatian spirituality.

Fall: September 11 - October 16, 2013

Spring: February 5 - March 19, 2014

In conjunction with the release of "Living the Mission: A Book of Meditations, Prayers and Insights from the University of San Francisco Community," we will explore this new book through the lens of Ignatian Spirituality. Meets Wednesdays at noon in the University Ministry office; light lunch is provided.

Registration is required; to register, please contact Fr. Donal Godfrey S.J.


Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius (19th Annotation)

Fall: begins September 12, 2013

An opportunity to complete the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius over the academic year through weekly meetings with a spiritual director. Past participants describe the experience as rewarding and transformative personally and professionally. A prior conversation with Donal Godfrey, S.J. is required before the exercises begin. Fall 2013 retreat begins September 12. If you have any questions about this program please contact Donal Godfrey S.J. at godfrey@usfca.edu


Faculty Lecture Series

Fall: December 3, 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m., LM100 with Judith Karshmer, Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Professions,

 Spring: TBD. A lecture by USF faculty or staff on their personal faith journey.


Ignatian Half-Day Retreats for Faculty and Staff

Fall: December 6, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m., Accolti Room, Fromm Hall, led by Julia Dowd.

Spring: April 25, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m., Accolti Room, Fromm Hall.

Half-day retreats include lunch, presentaitons on Ignatian Spirituality, and the opportunity for reflection and conversation with colleagues.


Contemplative Prayer Discussion Series

6 sessions: September 10 and 24, October 8 and 22, November 12, and December 4 - from 12-1 pm

Location: UC 503

In collaboration with University Ministry, Human Resources is pleased to offer this special discussion-group series to explore contemplative prayer in our daily lives. We welcome all faith and no faith traditions to participate. To begin our conversations, we will use the book Armchair Mystic: Easing into Contemplative Prayer by Mark E. Thibodeaux, S.J., an acknowledged expert on prayer and discernment. Father Thibodeaux draws from the experiences in his prayer life to illustrate how we may improve and deepen our own. (Courtesy of HR, this book will be given free to each group member.) The sessions will incorporate contemplative meditation practices that are Ignatian as well as those from other faith traditions. Fr. Donal Godfrey, S.J., from University Ministry, will facilitate. If you are interested in joining this group, please register soon, as space is limited.

To register, please go to: Contemplative Prayer