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Martín-Baró Scholars Community

What is poverty? Who is affected by poverty? How does it contribute to other large social problems in San Francisco? In the U.S.? In the world? In what ways does education play a central role in reducing and ultimately eliminating poverty? If you are interested in applying for this program click here. Application deadline extended to June 30th.
This year, the central focus of the Martín-Baró Scholars community is poverty.These and and many more questions will serve as the text for discussions, excursions, service, and community events throughout the year.

Students in the Martín-Baró Scholars explore social justice in contemporary urban life by participating in an integrated curriculum that meets the academic needs of most incoming first-year students. Martín-Baró Scholars enroll in common courses (two courses each semester) during their first year. By living in designated space in the Hayes-Healy Residence Hall, students develop and grow as a community of learners.

With a creative comprehensive curriculum and a focus on diversity and service in the multicultural urban environment of San Francisco, this unique living-leaning community provides opportunities for entering students to build strong relationships during the first year of college.

Students who successfully complete both semesters (fall and spring) in the Martín-Baró Scholars Community, earn the following credits:

  • Writing and Public Speaking (Core A1 and A2)
  • Literature (Core C1)
  • Service-Learning (SL) designation
  • Cultural Diversity (CD) designation
  • Elective credit (4 units)

Faculty-Staff Team

  • Freddi Wiant, Associate Professor, Rhetoric and Language
  • Julie Orio, Assistant Dean of Students, Division of University Life

Have questions? Need help?
Contact Freddi Wiant