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Law Enforcement Leadership Concentration

As of Fall 2012, we are no longer accepting applications for the Bachelor of Public Administration.

Our Bachelor of Public Administration includes specialized curriculum focused on law enforcement leadership. Working with the USF Criminal Justice Leadership Institute, we prepare you for managerial leadership in the criminal justice system. Institute Director Tony Ribera, former San Francisco Police Chief, leads the curriculum and instruction. Concentration must be selected at time of admission.

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Rick Yick, Tony Ribera, and Rodney Chan

Leonard Poggio

I have some good news to share with you. The sgt's exam result list came out and I scored # 1. Other students in my cohort that posted well on it are Rick Yick (#17) and Rodney Chan (#78). Rick should also be a 1st day appointment and Rodney Chan will almost definitely be hired within the 3 years the list is good for.

I talked with Rick for awhile about our results. We both feel strongly that the USF program directly helped us. It forced us to research/know policies for our essays and field project. It allowed us to understand the "why" and not just the "how". Also, for the oral it directly helped because we were already at ease discussing policies and personnel issues in small groups.

Leonard Poggio"