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Student Testimonials
Felicia Doubek, BSBA ‘14“The School of Management has impacted my personal life by allowing me to foster genuine connections with my peers and professors.”
Felicia Doubek, BSBA ‘14
Business Administration
Tam Nguyen, BSBA ‘12“Change the World From Here isn't just a tagline. At USF, there are so many opportunities for students to become involved in social justice.”
Tam Nguyen, BSBA ‘12
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Monique Martinez, BSBA ‘15“I'm not originally from a very bustling city. I'm from a suburban area where there is not much opportunity. So for me, coming here to San Francisco is the biggest opportunity I've ever had. I can definitely change the world from here.”
Monique Martinez, BSBA ‘15
Carson Keyes, BSBA ‘13“This program educated me in all aspects of owning, operating, and growing a business of my passion.”
Carson Keyes, BSBA ‘13
David Swander, BSBA ‘12“The finance program at USF has given me the quantitative and analytical skills necessary to succeed in the work environment. Personally, it has reinforced the importance of always giving back.”
David Swander, BSBA ‘12
Hospitality Management
Kathleen Leo, BSBA ‘14“Throughout my career here at USF, I've had numerous internships and have felt the guidance and support from my professors and advisors to receive the most out of internships and grow professionally.”
Kathleen Leo, BSBA ‘14
International Business
Carina Pederson, BSBA ‘14“The sense of adventure in San Francisco really excites me and had reinforced my desire to do business with people from different cultures.”
Carina Pederson, BSBA ‘14
Celina Poonamalee, BSBA ‘13“All of the professors were really encouraging. They could see our potential and would push us to strive for the best. I know that's one of the reasons I was so successful at USF.”
Celina Poonamalee, BSBA ‘13
Organizational Behavior and Leadership
Michael Kuykendall, BSBA ‘12“There are a lot of opportunities beyond the classroom. If you want to get out there and learn more about technology or learn more about finance, you can find an alumnus or professor who will set you up with a company or somebody in the city who's really looking out for your best interest. You can easily immerse yourself in San Francisco's professional culture.”
Michael Kuykendall, BSBA ‘12
Rosamaria Gonzalez, BSM ‘14“I'm very proud to be going to this school. I’m excited to see where my degree is going to take me later down the road. It's about hope; the hope that there are more great things coming to my life once I complete this program.”
Rosamaria Gonzalez, BSM ‘14