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Sophomore Sibo Luo Honored by Mayor Ed Lee


Sibo Luo, sophomore marketing major at the School of Management and international student from China, was honored by Mayor Ed Lee on February 10th, for risking his life to save a woman who fell into the Bay.

A tourist from Taiwan was taking photos on Torpedo Wharf in the Presidio when she stepped backwards and fell into the frigid waters. Luo acted without hesitation, not thinking about the danger he would place upon himself.

“I thought of her as a person with a life. I wasn’t thinking about whether I was scared or not,” said Luo. Two other brave men, all strangers to one another, helped Luo pull the woman out of the water.

Mayor Ed Lee recognized these good samaritans as true San Franciscans. “They didn’t know each other yet they acted as we would think all San Franciscans would act, which is with a big heart.”

When asked how this event has changed him, Luo responded, “For me, this experience has been incredible, but it hasn’t made me any different. I’m still a student. I still do my homework, take my exams, and tests. Life keeps going. When we can help someone, just do it.”

Not only has Luo demonstrated his humble compassion toward others, but his sincere goodness has been honored by The City of San Francisco for his unmatched service to humankind.

Written by Alyssa Aninag