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Venture Capitalists' Confidence Shows A Sharp Decline

Mark Cannice

Professor Mark Cannice

USF School of Management's Professor Cannice released his latest research report on Silicon Valley venture capitalists confidence, and it shows a sharp decline in sentiment in the second quarter due to global economic concerns from Europe and China, the regulatory and financing environment in the life science sector, and a disappointing Facebook IPO. However, Dr. Cannice expects that confidence in the positive technology trends centered in the Valley along with an improving exit market suggests an improved environment in the near term.

Media citations to Cannice's research include:

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Fox News: Venture Capital Confidence Fades as Europe Implodes, Facebook Spooks

PEHub: Facebook’s Long Shadow Helped Lead Venture Capital Confidence Lower in 2Q

Entrepreneur: What Venture Capitalists Are Investing in Right Now

KQED News: Report: Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists' Confidence Declines

Written by Mark Cannice