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Professor Cannice's Q3 Venture Capital Research Report Released

Cannice SV Report 2012 q3 Icon

Professor Cannice's Q3 Venture Capital Research Report

Silicon Valley venture capitalists' confidence rose slightly in the third quarter of 2012 according to the latest research study by Prof. Mark Cannice. In the current quarterly report of his on-going nine year research study, Cannice surveyed 31 Bay Area VCs and found that while they were concerned over political and economic uncertainty as well as a lack of funding for life science ventures, Silicon Valley investors held an enduring belief in the local innovation and business creation ecosystem.

See the full report here:


The Index is carried by Bloomberg Professional Services in 150 countries (ticker: SVVCCI) and the Q3 report was cited by:
Inc Magazine

Private Equity Hub 
Dow Jones
San Francisco Chronicle


Written by Mark Cannice