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New Faculty Member Is Research Chair Of Association for Education of Journalism and Mass Communication Conference

Richard Waters

New faculty member Professor Richard Waters

Richard Waters, a new professor in our Nonprofit and Public Administration master's degree programs, recently served as the research chair of the Association for Education of Journalism and Mass Communication's Public Relations division's faculty and student research paper competition, in St. Louis.

He also presented a co-authored paper that has been named one of the "Top Faculty Papers" for the Religion and Media interest group at the AEJMC conference.  The paper — entitled "Can we talk about the direction of this church?":  The Impact of Responsiveness and Conflict on Millennials’ Relationship with Religious Institutions —examines how religious organizations develop relationships with Millennials.

Professor has also been re-elected to serve as the chair of the research competition for the 2012 conference in Chicago.

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Written by Gene Thomas