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Alum Bridges Gap Between Art and Business

Jacob Gelfand

Jacob Gelfand (JD/MBA, 2012), Founder and Principal Coach of Inclusiva 

Business advisor and USF School of Management alum Jacob Gelfand (JD/MBA, 2012) has officially launched a new holistic business coaching service for artists and creative small business owners, Inclusiva Strategies.

Inclusiva’s coaching process accommodates each individual’s learning style and personality type, putting the most applicable tools, formats and concepts taught in business schools and entrepreneurship programs into an accessible and helpful format. Inclusiva helps clients put these strategies into practice, and guides them in producing crucial resources like a business plan and market strategy plan.

Inclusiva Graphic 1

Already, Founder and principal coach, Jacob credits a combination of his many unique experiences at the USF School of Management for helping inform his vision for Inclusiva. While a USF student, Gelfand was active in the Working with Entrepreneurs program, the Venture Capital Investment Competition (VCIC), and co-founded and led the Microfinance Club, an unprecedented student organization dedicated to empowering underserved business owners around the world.

 Inclusiva has worked with a pair of clients – artist Stacie Willoughby, who also designed the artwork featured on the Inclusiva website, and catering company Green Heart Foods, whose owner says she now has a deeper understanding of how she and her business can work most effectively.

Inlcusiva Graphic 2

"Although I studied law and business at USF I’ve always been passionate about the arts and drawn to creative people," says Gelfand. "The more I learned about entrepreneurship, the more I noticed language barriers between the realms of art and business". Gelfand's mission is to help creative professionals transcend these barriers and transform their craft into a viable and meaningful enterprise.

"I believe that Inclusiva will make a difference not only in the lives of my clients, their families and employees, but also more broadly, by helping to bring a wide variety of new products, services and jobs into the economy." 

To learn more about inclusive and the coaching services available, please visit the website and subscribe to the Little Big Business Blog.

Written by Michele Owen