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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Richard Waters

Professor Richard Waters

Richard Waters, MPA, MNA, and MBA professor, uses his public relations background across the nonprofit, for profit, and government sectors. Teaching quantitative methods, fundraising, and media relations courses, Waters implements his experience by giving students a rounded approach to compliment the curriculum they are learning. There’s much more to Professor Waters than his academic achievements, however. Here are 10 things you didn’t know:

  1. While on break from teaching at USF, Water hauntingly thrills visitors as a Tower of Terror cast member at Walt Disney World every year.
  2. He spices up his life by listening to his favorite band, the Spice Girls, and has seen them perform fifteen times. Baby, that’s not Scary — he’s just living the Posh life.
  3. Supporting his undergraduate alma mater, University of Georgia, Waters finds every chance he gets to watch the Bulldogs and on days when he’s teaching he checks the score during breaks.
  4. He invited Sugarknife, an artisan desserts gourmet company, to give a lecture in his Advertising and Promotion course. Having eaten and purchased a large amount of his favorite Sugarknife bacon pecan bourbon brittle, Waters spent a month learning how to perfect his own recipe.
  5. Spider monkeys, birds, and insects were the highlight of his trip to Central America for the 2013 Christmas Holiday, that is, after he distributed his perfected brittle as gifts. Gift giving first. Spider monkeys second.
  6. His philosophy: “When I am working I work hard, but I believe play is absolutely important. I try to have different experiences that make all the work worthwhile.”
  7. He wore out two DVDs of his favorite movie, Dude Where's My Car?. Dude, really?!
  8. He absolutely loves Zachary’s Chicago Pizza in Berkeley and believes their deep dishes are better than the ones actually made in Chicago.
  9. Waters’ favorite destination is Stockholm, Sweden. He has visited 52 countries, 46 states, and is considering taking a trip to Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, and Iowa to knock out all 50.
  10. He finds solace in the soil and relieves stress by growing his own heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, red bell peppers, banana peppers, and jalapeños. Talk about spicing up your life.
Written by Alyssa Aninag