McLaren three students work on a project
Hospitality Experience

2012 Hospitality Management Symposium Photo Booth

Sponsored by the USF School of Management

You can access your Professional Photos here:   password:  hospitality_4-27-12

Want to upload your new professional picture to your LinkedIn page?  Here's one way to do it:

1. Find your photo and click on it -- a larger (60%) version of the photo will open
2.Place your cursor on your photo and you will see a grey navigational bar along the top of your photo.  
3. Want to edit the photo?  Click on the "Edit" link and you'll see tons of options.
4. If you're ready to download the photo, click on the first  ("Download")  link in the grey nav bar and it will download your photo to your computer.
5. Log into your account on LinkedIn
6. In the top nav bar, click "Profile" and pull down to "Edit Profile"
7. In the photo area, click on the "Edit Photo" link.
8. Upload your new photo!