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Master of Science in Information Systems with a concentration in Information Security

Program Director: Stephen Morris

Corporate information security is of ever increasing importance and in response to the increased technical, organizational, political, and legal complexity surrounding the field, the MSIS program now offers three elective courses that provide a more in-depth treatment of this important area.

Program Objectives

  • Integrates information and organizational cultures; focusing on current and emerging concepts from both technical and managerial viewpoints.
  • Addresses the need of organizations to integrate disparate internal systems in order to create effective communication channels with external parties such as suppliers and customers.
  • Promotes the ability to use information technology to foster sound financial systems, to create more effective organizational structures, and to better manage an organization's human capital.
  • Investigates how policy and strategic decisions are affected by information systems and how technology is transforming organizations.
  • Improves people, business, and team skills, while emphasizing a customer service orientation, ethics and professionalism.

Program Requirements

The MSIS Concentration in Information Security requires a total of 9 credits. Please consult your MSIS advisor to clarify your course schedule.

Required courses: