Masters in Nonprofit Management
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The MNA Experience

Prepare to have your thinking about nonprofit organizations transformed. The nonprofit sector has a strong presence in our society, and the managerial focus of the degree will ensure that you have the education and training to help your organizations thrive.

Practical Application

We offer a curriculum that provides strong academic and practical lessons to students. Whether you hope to manage nonprofit or nongovernmental organizations throughout the Bay Area, the United States, or the world, the MNA program will make sure you are prepared. Grounded in Jesuit traditions, social justice and management ethics are common threads throughout the curriculum.

Management-focused Curriculum

At the University of San Francisco, the Master of Nonprofit Administration is housed in the School of Management, which allows you to be exposed to leading managerial philosophies. We enable interactions with professionally-oriented students from the public and private sectors for unparalleled networking opportunities.

When collaborating with public administration and business administration students, your experience will echo the real world collaborations that are built across the sector boundaries of nonprofits, government agencies, and for-profit corporations.

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