Masters in Global Entrepreneurial Management
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Global Entrepreneurial Management Program Details

This is a 45 unit Master’s program that takes you to Barcelona, Taipei, and San Francisco for rigorous studies in entrepreneurship and management at three leading Jesuit institutions, IQS in Barcelona, Fu Jen Catholic University in Taipei, and the University of San Francisco—all in one year.

The MGEM program is for recent college graduates in various business disciplines. With general knowledge of business administration, students are given opportunities to study and observe global and cross-cultural aspects of business decisions and to focus on the process of bringing new technology and new business ideas to fruition. The program offers courses that are practitioner-oriented and in a sequence that maximizes the benefit of off-campus resources in Barcelona, Taipei, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Furthermore, you will gain greater insight from the industry and market characteristics that each host city and country has to offer.

In this program you will:

  • Learn cross-cultural management and the latest developments in science and technology from IQS faculty
  • Master supply chain management and operations while in Taipei
  • Speak face-to-face with venture capitalists on the USF campus.
  • Obtain instant recognition in three countries and have access to three alumni networks

More than taking random courses at a foreign institution in a study abroad program, MGEM offers a coherent sequence of courses that leverages the strengths of each partner school, as well as industry and market characteristics that each hosting city and country has to offer. The breadth and the intensity of your learning represent the power of global fusion which is far greater than any other Master’s program. To see specific course offerings and course descriptions, click Curriculum.

In addition to classroom learning, students learn from participating in co-curricular activities. Students have internship opportunities, as well as the chance to work with the program’s business partners to solve real-life problems. Students also visit various companies in Spain, Taiwan, the United States, and several of their neighboring countries. Click Co-Curricular Activities for more information.

A unique feature of the program is its tight cohort structure with great student diversity. The three partner schools each recruit one third of the class which results in a balanced mix of cultural diversity. The MGEM program leverages this cross-cultural asset to reinforce students’ learning. Many students will develop life-long friendships and some will form international entrepreneurial partnerships.

All courses are taught in English by a multi-national faculty of leading scholars, as well as accomplished practitioners. While local faculty is in charge of classroom instruction during each of the three sessions, partner schools’ faculties provide supporting roles.

Each student is assigned to the Home Institution closest to his/her home country. For example, citizens of Spain and other European countries are assigned to IQS as their Home Institution. Home Institutions provide primary services including assisting applicants in completing the application package and helping enrolled students to obtain entry visas.

As students move from one campus to another, each Host Institution assumes responsibility for student services during that session including housing and co-curricular activities.